10.3 Saving & Managing Content


You can save any content throughout your newsroom, this will collate them in My Saved Content.

To save content:

  • Navigate to the content you want to save in the newsroom.
  • Select the Save Content icon.
  • The content will appear in  My Saved Content.


You can use the sort by and filter feature to filter your content. The sentiment filter can also be used to view content with a particular sentiment value. 

To filter content by sentiment:

  • Navigate to Filter By.
  • Select the Positive, Neutral or Negative value to only display content with that sentiment value.
  • Select the sentiment value again to clear the sentiment filter and to display all content. 


You might want to remove some content from your newsroom or tell us that they aren't relevant so we won't show you them again. 

To remove content:

  • Select the  Cross icon next to the content. 
  • Select Remove from Newsroom if you don't want it in your newsroom or Don't show me this again if it isn't relevant. 
  • Select Delete


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