15.1 Affiliates & Affiliate Link

A Reveela affiliate is a partner that drives traffic through their own tracked sign up links and receives an agreed benefit through successful conversions. Each affiliate will have an agreed contract where they are able to either distribute memberships to their customers and members or earn commission through membership upgrades.

Once your affiliate application has been approved, you can access your affiliate dashboard to setup payouts, check your earnings, review signups, allocate memberships and find tracking links to share with your audience.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate please contact us for more information.

Affiliate Links

As an affiliate, you will promote the platform using affiliate links. When a customer signs up or purchases a membership via your link, their details will appear on your dashboard. If they do not use your affiliate link on signup there is no way to retrospectively associate the user to your affiliate account.

**Please note your master affiliate link will only be valid during the term of your affiliate contract period. Any users who register using your link after this period will not be affiliated to you. 


To access your master affiliate link:

  • Select My Account from the main dashboard, your account overview screen will be displayed.
  • Navigate to your Affiliate Dashboard section.
  • Select Go to Dashboard and your affiliate dashboard will be displayed.
  • Your Master Affiliate Link will be displayed.

You can create custom links using the link generator to identify performance by campaign or sales person, for more information see the Affiliate Dashboard Links & Resources section.

To distribute your affiliate link:

  • Select the Copy button next to your master affiliate link, the link will be copied to your clipboard.
  • The link can then be pasted into emails, across social media or onto your website.
  • If customers register using your link they will appear on your dashboard under the signups tab.
  • If they register to Reveela without using your affiliate link, they will not be affiliated to you.

For more information on your signups, please see the Affiliate Dashboard Signups section.    

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