5.3 Mentions


You can use an @mention to alert a user, product and company that they are being discussed in a post. When an @mention is created the @mentioned user, product of company will receive a notification and the @mention.


To create a mention:

  • Click Share Your Story in a post field.
  • Type @ and begin typing the user/product/company name.
  • Select the user/product/company from the list and they will appear as @Joe Bloggs or @reveela for example.
  • You can create up to 10 @mentions in a single post.
  • Type a comment alongside the mention and select Post.


You can access a full list of posts where you have been @mentioned in order to manage your reputation.

To access user mentions:

  • Navigate to your profile icons and select  My News Feed.
  • Select the @mentions tab.
  • All @mentions will be displayed.


To access product and company mentions (Admin Only):

  • Select the Admin Panel tab on the product or company profile.
  • Select the @mentions tab.
  • All @mentions will be displayed.


You can report any mentions that you feel are inappropriate, offensive, false or spam content. Any content that violates our Community Guidelines will be removed. 

To report a mention:

  • Select the  Ellipsis icon on the mention you would like to report
  • Select the  Report icon.
  • Select the reason why you are reporting the post from the options displayed.
  • An alert will be sent to site admin and will be reviewed within 48 hours.


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