1.7 Quick Tour


The Quick Tour gives you a guided tour around the reveela platform and your profile.


To activate the quick tour:

  • Navigate to your Dashboard.
  • Select Quick Tour in the top right hand corner of your dashboard.


You can also turn the quick tour back on at any time in your General Settings.

To activate the quick tour from your settings:

  • Navigate to your Dashboard
  • Select My Account > Settings.
  • Navigate to General Settings.
  • Select the slider on Enable Main Quick Tour and the main quick tour will be enabled. 
  • Select the slider on Enable Profile Quick Tour and the profile quick tour will be enabled.            


To navigate the quick tour:

  • Select Next to proceed to the next stage.
  • Select Previous to return the previous stage.


You can close the quick tour at any stage.

To exit the quick tour:

  • Select the Cross icon to close the quick tour.
  • The quick tour will be disabled. 



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