7.1 What are Products?


Products are profiles for magazines, blogs and digital websites which give you the potential to launch new products or promote your existing products product whilst receiving relevant content.


Product profiles give you the potential to:

  • Promote product details and engage new audiences.
  • Engage with your followers, respond to posts where your product is being discussed and manage your reputation on reveela.
  • Receive and engage with content submissions directly relevant to you.
  • Display your most recent issues and gain insightful audience analytics.
  • Add product editors and sales representatives for contact of any queries.
  • Link your owner and publishing company profiles.
  • Receive and request newsletter subscriptions.
  • Upload your media pack, forward features and specifications.   


You can follow products within the groups you are a member of. The updates and activity of products you are following will appear on your news feed. 

To follow products:

  • Navigate to the Product Profile you want to follow.
  • Select Follow in the administrator widget.
  • The button will change to unfollow and you will now be following the product.


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