6.9 News Story Sentiment Analysis


The sentiment of your content will be analysed on submission, this will determine the emotional tone and help you gain an understanding of the the attitudes, opinions and emotions expressed. You will be provided with an overall sentiment average and the sentiment will be broken down into positive, neutral and negative.

Any content deemed to be offensive including inappropriate language will also be identified and you will be unable to publish news stories containing this offensive content. See our Community Guidelines for more detail on acceptable content.


To analyse and view sentiment: 

  • When you have created your news story select Analyse.
  • 4 Sentiment wheels will be displayed (Positive, Neutral, Negative & Offensive)
  • Select the Show toggle on the analysis wheels.
  • The text that is positive/neutral/negative/offensive will be highlighted for your review.
  • Edit the sentiment as required by selecting the text to open the editor.
  • Once edited select Reanalyse, the 4 sentiment wheels will be displayed with the new results.


To hide sentiment: 

  • Select the Hide toggle on the on the analysis wheels.
  • The text that is positive/neutral/negative/offensive will no longer be highlighted.


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