6.10 News Story Tags


Assigning tags to news stories helps describe the content and index keywords, trends and topics. The more specific that tags the easier it will be for members to locate when searching for relevant content. A number of relevant tags will be suggested for each news story, you have the option to select the tags you would like to include or add your own. You can add up to a maximum of 5 tags.


To select suggested tags:

  • Select a tag you want to add from the suggested list.
  • The tag will be added.


To add your own tags:

  • Select Add a Tag + and begin typing a tag.
  • A suggested list will be displayed below.
  • Enter your own tag and select enter or select from the suggested list.
  • The tag will be added.


You can remove tags at any point, removing a suggested tag will return it to the recommended tags section.

To remove a tag:

  • Navigate to the tag you want to remove. 
  • Select the Cross icon to remove the tag.


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