8.1 What are Companies?


Companies are profiles where you can promote all types of businesses from start ups to global organisations. Companies on reveela are classified by industry using NACIS industry codes. 


Company profiles give you the potential to:

  • Launch corporate communications, alerting both the press and the public. 
  • Promote company services and engage new audiences.
  • Engage with your followers, respond to posts where your company or brand is being discussed and manage your reputation on reveela.
  • Promote, share and manage important documents and files.
  • Display employees and directors with recruitment opportunities. 
  • Make new affiliates and partners.
  • Showcase awards, achievements, clients and testimonials 
  • Add and showcase the products and services you produce.


You can follow companies you want to keep up to date with. The updates and activity of these companies will appear on your news feed. 

To follow companies:

  • Navigate to the Company Profile you want to follow.
  • Select Follow in the administrator widget.
  • The button will change to unfollow and you will now be following the company.


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