10.1 Accessing Analytics Dashboard


Analytics are your insights and data of your interactions and your network on reveela. You can unlock more granular analytics dependant on your Membership level. 


To access your analytics dashboard:

  • Hover over your Profile Icon on the top header bar and a menu will appear.
  • Select My Analytics.
  • Your analytics dashboard will be displayed. 
  • Please note the visibility and detail of these analytics will be dependant on your membership level.


You can also access your analytics from your Dashboard.


To access your media outlet or company analytics:

  • Navigate to your analytics dashboard.
  • Select the dropdown default to 'My Analytics' and select a media outlet or company you are an administrator of.
  • Your media outlet or company analytics will be displayed. 
  • Please note these analytics can only be seen by media outlet and company administrators and your visibility and detail will be dependant on your membership level.


You can view analytics over a set time period by using the data range tool.

To change the date range of the analytics you are viewing:

  • Navigate to an Analytics Dashboard.
  • Select the Date Range in the top left of the dashboard. 
  • Choose your desired Date Range.
  • Select Apply
  • Analytics will be displayed with data from your chosen period. 


You can also search for a particular analytic. 

To search for an analytic:

  • Navigate to an Analytics Dashboard.
  • Select the Search Bar in the top right of the dashboard. 
  • Type a keyword and select an analytic that appears in the list. 
  • You will be directed to that analytic in the appropriate dashboard section.
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