1.2 Dashboard


The Dashboard is displayed when you first log into reveela and it will give you direct access to they key areas on the platform. You can also use the sitewide search to find users, media outlets (magazines, blogs, websites) and companies on the platform. 


To access the Dashboard:
  • Select Dashboard from the main menu navigation bar. 
  • Your Dashboard will be displayed


To search sitewide on the Dashboard:
  • Navigate to the Sitewide Search at the top left of the screen. 
  • Type the name of a user, media outlet or company.
  • Select the relevant search result to access the chosen profile. 


The main areas of the Dashboard:

  • Write Content -  Get AI assistance with your writing.
  • Distribute Content -  Locate journalists, influencers and media outlets in realtime.
  • Read Content - Access your tailored news feed. 
  • Find Content - Search global news coverage & media opportunities.
  • View Analytics - Measure impact of outreach efforts.
  • View Media Outlets - Explore magazines, blogs and digital websites.
  • View Companies - Create & manage company profiles.
  • Manage My Account - Go to your account and manage your settings. 



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