6.2 Targeted News Stories

Target news stories are news articles that you can create using a credit from your monthly allowance (if a Premium member) to distribute to more targeted audiences on Reveela. 

Targeted news stories will be distributed to:

  • Industry Communities - Niche industry specific communities on Reveela. 
  • Across the reveela platform - Relevant audiences will be able to search and discover your content on their news feeds.
  • The reveela app - Readers who have joined the relevant industry communities will be able to read your content on their iOS or Android device. 
  • National & Regional Press Outlets - National and region specific newspapers.
  • Media Outlets - Magazines, blogs and digital websites relevant to your outlet. You can also search additional outlets if you're looking for something niche.
  • Journalists - Journalists in and around your industry that may be discussing topics similar to your content.
  • Influencers - Influencers that may have been sharing and discussing topics similar to your content.
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