6.2 Creating an Article


You can post articles to promote news, industry trends and topics of interest. The create an article process is composed of four main sections: Create, Select Audiences, Distribute & Publish.          

To create an article:

  • Select the Quick Tool icon from the top menu navigation bar.
  • Select Create Article.
  • Select an Article Author.
  • Select Next.
  • Add an Article Title (This is mandatory).
  • Add your content using the Article Editor (The content must be at least 1000 characters).
  • Upload Article Imagery.
  • Update your Article License, this will be defaulted to Public Domain.
  • Add a Source (If Applicable).
  • Select Next.
  • Article sentiment will be displayed, review the Sentiment Analysis of your article using the show and hide toggles.
  • A list of relevant Tags will be suggested, select tags you would like to include or add your own.
  • Select Next.            

To select audiences and distribute:

There are two audience options when it comes to creating your article. 


Standard Press Release (Free) 

To industry sectors, across the reveela platform and on the reveela app.

  • Select Industry Sectors (Free) at the select audience stage.
  • Select Next.
  • Recommended Sectors will be displayed, select the sectors you would like to post your article into.
  • Select Next.


Targeted Press Release (Paid - using a credit from your monthly allowance)

To industry sectors, across the reveela platform and on the reveela app, national and regional press outlets, media outlets including magazines blogs and websites, journalists and influencers.

  • Select Targeted Audiences (Use a Credit) at the select audience stage.
  • Select national or regional areas you would like suggestions from in Include Press
  • Select Next.
  • Recommended Media Outlets will be displayed that are relevant to your article. 
  • National & Regional Press Outlets will be displayed from the areas.
  • If your Twitter account is connected to reveela, select Tweet next to a media or press outlet or alternatively you can select Email. (How do I connect my Twitter? Click here).
  • Use the Media Outlet Search to find and add additional outlets. 
  • Relevant Journalists & Influencers will be displayed.
  • If your Twitter account is connected to reveela, select Tweet or DM next to a journalist or influencer. (How do I connect my Twitter? Click here)
  • When you are done selecting your distribution methods, select Next.

To publish your article:

  • Review your content, sentiment and chosen audiences in the Publish Overview section. 
  • Select Publish.
  • Your article will be published and distributed to your chosen audiences. 

You can also create an article via your  Dashboard, the top of your News Feed and My Articles on your profile.


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