1.4 Remail Messages


Remails (reveela mails) are messages you can send directly to your connections on reveela.


To access and manage your remails:

  • Select the Remails icon on the top header bar.
  • You will be directed to your Inbox and all your remail messages will be displayed.
  • To view sent messages, select the Sent Tab.
  • You can manage your messages by selecting the check box next to each message. A menu will be displayed at the top of your messages to: delete, mark as read or mark as unread.
  • Selecting the check box on more than one re-mail will allow you to manage multiple messages at once.


A remail can be favourited so that it can easily be picked up later.

To favourite a remail:

  • Select the Star icon next to a remail, the icon will change to orange.
  • To view favourited remails, select the Favourites Tab.


To permanently remove a remail, it must be deleted.

To delete a remail:

  • Select the  Ellipsis icon next to a remail.
  • Select the  Delete icon.


To remove a remail from your alerts it must be marked as read.

To mark a remail as read:

  • Select the  Ellipsis icon next to a remail.
  • Select the  Read icon.


**Please note that you must be connected with a user to send a remail.

To create a remail

  • Select the Remails icon on the top header bar.
  • Select Create New Message.
  • Enter recipient, subject and message text into the required fields and select Send.
  • You can add up to 10 recipients to each message.
  • Recipients will receive a notification and email alerting them of a new remail, depending on the contact preferences they have enabled.


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