1.5 Notifications


Notifications are interactions on reveela. Not all notifications can be disabled but you can go to your General Settings to update your notification preferences.


To access and manage your notifications:

  • Select the Notifications icon on the top header bar.
  • You recent notifications will be displayed.
  • Select See All to access all notifications.
  • You can manage your notifications by selecting the check box next to each notification. A menu will be displayed at the top of your notifications to: delete, mark as read or mark as unread.
  • Selecting the check box on more than one notification will allow you to manage multiple notifications at once.


To permanently remove a notification, it must be deleted.

To delete a notification:

  • Select the Ellipsis icon next to a notification.
  • Select the Delete icon.


To remove a notification from your alerts it must be marked as read.

To mark a notification as read:

  • Select the Ellipsis icon next to a notification.
  • Select the Read icon.


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