7.9 Relinquishing Media Outlet Admin Rights


If you no longer want to be a media outlet administrator or need to remove an administrator you can do this in the admin panel.

If you are removed as an administrator you will no longer have access to the admin panel. Any content you created on behalf of the media outlet will be transferred to the other administrator and you will no longer be able to edit or delete this content.


To relinquish admin rights:

  • Select the Admin Panel tab.
  • Select the Members tab from the media outlet admin menu.
  • Navigate to the administrator widget.
  • Select the Cog icon on the administrator you want to relinquish admin rights for.
  • Select Demote to Member.


Please note if you are the only administrator and want to relinquish your admin rights, you must promote another user to administrator. See Promoting Another User to Admin for more information.


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